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snowww day!


and happy snow day for lots of people!!

All my classes today got cancelled...pretty much every school/college around me is closed! i'd say we have about 2 feet of snow. crazayyy! It's still coming down pretty hard! *prays for another snow day tomorrow*

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Kel: sober

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Too bad I have class at 10am.

anyways, the alcohol i did have tonight made me wicked tired.  so i'm off to bed!!

PS: you should be exempt from classes on your birthday! it should be a law!! :P
Kel and Ash: Grammy's!

i'm strong, but i break...

it's been a while!!

All my classes today got YAY!! I got an email about my comm class being cancelled, but my computer art teacher didn't email, so I got up, got around, and froze my ass off walking to class only to find out it was cancelled. But, what a good day to have all my classes cancelled! My grandparents and my mom are coming today because my sister has a basketball game at Hartwick, which is the college right next to us. So, they are gonna spend the night and celebrate my 21st bday with me (which is tomorrow!!) :) :)

The weather here is HORRIBLE. The wind is insane, just sitting in here I can hear it howling. it's sooo loud. And going walk two steps and you feel like you've been outside for 5 years. By the time you get to class your face and legs are so numb you wonder if you're paralyzed, and you've had so much snow thrown in your face people look at you like you're a walking snowman. lol its so bad!

Not much has really been happening here. The weight room in our building is finally open..i'm so happy cause there was no way in hell I was gonna walk all the way to the other side of campus to go to the gym in this weather!

Right now we are doing this thing called "Do it in the dark" and we are having a competition between all the dorm halls to see who can save the most energy. So, there are signs all around the building that say "want pizza? turn off your lights!" So, the hall that saves the most energy gets a $200 pizza party and free snacks during finals week! I said "hey, we should turn off all the lights in the building and just use flashlights...we'd totally win!"

Ok, guess I better clean up a lil bit in here and maybe work on some homework...cause I certainly won't get to it later!
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Kel: sober


Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you're interested in/curious about -- it can be anything from my house to the neighborhood I live in to my favorite shoes. Leave your requests as a comment to this entry, I'll snap the pictures and post them back here. It's like a glimpse into my world!
(psst: stole this from Kim haha)

DO IT!!!! please! cause I like to take pics and cause it will be fun!! You can request me to take more than one of a few different things too :)
Kel: faded

on the edge of the world, she'd rather jump than just look down

first of all...wowzers. They've changed this update thing a lil!! haha


most of my finals went well....
My art history one was easy. We got to use notes, so that was why it was easy lol. My earth science one SUCKED ASS. I'm afraid I failed. :X. worst class eva.
My history one was pretty easy yay!!

I got to my drawing class at 8am this morning to turn my cd in, along with 5 other people in my class...and our drawing teacher didn't show up. We waited for over 20 minutes then got pissed and left. Lmao we went and found his mailbox and put our cd's in it. Not cool....then I didn't go back to sleep cause usually once i'm up, i'm up. And I always feel like crap after I take I don't usually take them.

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Kel: whoa baby

lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off.

Today I went up to Sam's at 10 so Matty could look at my computer. He ran a scan on it that was supposed to fix any Windows problems....but apparently mine was just past fixing lol, cause it didn't work. So, we backed up my documents and then reformatted it. Sad.

I got home and turned it on, then finished all the reformatting, and it was so empty. :(

I had to re-download everythinggggg. My windows updates took like 2 years and crap. I did forget about a chunk of my music, and all my fonts...and such. So, I lost all that. I think Sam has most of the music though, and I'm just gonna have to get the fonts back little by little as I find them. SUCKS.

But, I just finished putting over 400 songs in iTunes and I don't want to look at that anymore right now! I still gotta organize it all and crap. Oy!!!

I have the new AIM...its kinda cool. Not as bad as Triton I don't think...I really hated that lol. It's kinda like Triton, but for some reason, it just doesn't piss me off as much as Triton did, so thats a plus.

I'm slowly getting all my websites back...I'm trying to remember all the ones I had at the top of my firefox page. I've got 11 right now and I know there were at least 15. *ponders*

Ok i've been sitting here working on this computer all day and my legs keep going numb...ahhh!!! So bye!!
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Kel and Ash: Grammy's!

whyyy its 12:17am and I am bored.

I wish:
-there was more to do around here. I find myself bored wayyy too much.
-I knew more people here
-my butt wasn't numb.
-I was in NYC.
-I didn't have to pee right now. lmao
-Graham and Kelly would put their cd's!

Ok lets play a game! Everyone tell me something about you that I don't know!! and i'll tell you some stuff about me!

Lets see..
-My two front teeth are fake. I fell in middle school and knocked them out.
-I was born in Syracuse, NY.
-I'm a scaredy-cat.
-I was born on Feb. 7th, at 7am, I have 7 letters in my name, and I weighed 7 pounds! 7 is my lucky number! haha

Your turn!!!! :)
Be totally random...its fun!
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