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meme timeee [Jul2007]

snowww day! [Feb1407]

and happy snow day for lots of people!!

All my classes today got cancelled...pretty much every school/college around me is closed! i'd say we have about 2 feet of snow. crazayyy! It's still coming down pretty hard! *prays for another snow day tomorrow*

SNOW!Collapse )


Too bad I have class at 10am.

anyways, the alcohol i did have tonight made me wicked tired.  so i'm off to bed!!

PS: you should be exempt from classes on your birthday! it should be a law!! :P

i'm strong, but i break... [Feb0607]
[ mood | yay ]

it's been a while!!

All my classes today got cancelled...so YAY!! I got an email about my comm class being cancelled, but my computer art teacher didn't email, so I got up, got around, and froze my ass off walking to class only to find out it was cancelled. But, what a good day to have all my classes cancelled! My grandparents and my mom are coming today because my sister has a basketball game at Hartwick, which is the college right next to us. So, they are gonna spend the night and celebrate my 21st bday with me (which is tomorrow!!) :) :)

The weather here is HORRIBLE. The wind is insane, just sitting in here I can hear it howling. it's sooo loud. And going outside...you walk two steps and you feel like you've been outside for 5 years. By the time you get to class your face and legs are so numb you wonder if you're paralyzed, and you've had so much snow thrown in your face people look at you like you're a walking snowman. lol its so bad!

Not much has really been happening here. The weight room in our building is finally open..i'm so happy cause there was no way in hell I was gonna walk all the way to the other side of campus to go to the gym in this weather!

Right now we are doing this thing called "Do it in the dark" and we are having a competition between all the dorm halls to see who can save the most energy. So, there are signs all around the building that say "want pizza? turn off your lights!" So, the hall that saves the most energy gets a $200 pizza party and free snacks during finals week! I said "hey, we should turn off all the lights in the building and just use flashlights...we'd totally win!"

Ok, guess I better clean up a lil bit in here and maybe work on some homework...cause I certainly won't get to it later!


merry merry! [Dec2506]

I hope you all have a very merry day!!! :)

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